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MAN Lion's City A20 Ü

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OMSI 2 MAN Lion's City A20 Ü

Mensagem por Fênix em 2nd Abril 2017, 2:24 pm

Type of project: Bus

Name of project: MAN Lion's City A20 Ü

Involved persons: Vengeace3D, alTerr, Citaro0530, CraherPL, David Lee, Marcel Kuhnt, Morphi, SimgamesNL, Wizard and others I may have forgotten (Sorry!)


The new Lion's City A20 Ü from Vengeance3D is here! Using the experience I have gained from creating the A21 and A37 I feel that I really have created something truly wonderful for you to experience. Below is a list of items that you may find of interest regarding this bus though i'm sure that there are many others that I've missed (Stupid brain!)

Brand-new MAN dashboard featuring gear, retarder, frost and error display
Re-textured / Re-rendered interior
Brand-new Interior LAWO TFT infotainment screen
Brand-New VDO radio/CD player (Was going to make this work but the OMSI radio stream player has no options for volume)
Brand-New ventilation controller
Brand new inter-city style seating
Single leaf front and double-leaf rear outward opening doors
Smoother Voith and ZF gearboxes
Smoother MAN D2066 engine
Several re-worked and new repaints with setvars for configuration (Including CNG tank and driver's air conditioner)
Photoshop repaint template for the body, windows and seating
New user manual with dashboard button description


You are free to do whatever you please with this model as I love to see what the creative minds have to offer, but please don't forget to credit myself if you use any part of this bus.

Download Link for Version 1.01 file/4to5zewflwty1t4/MAN_Lion%27s_City_A20_by_V3D_v1.01.7z

Mensagens : 1245
Data de inscrição : 24/05/2014

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